Why Massaging Your Partner Is the Best Foreplay

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Massage and foreplay go together like ham and burger. Name a better way to relax your partner after a long day at work than one of the best foreplay tricks called a massage. You’re right — you can’t!

Arousal Levels Are on Different Levels

And what kind of arousal tricks can you pull off with a massage? While encouraging the relaxation of a loved one, you can show appreciation for them too. And that leads to greater arousal, both emotional and physical.


Next time, do not hesitate to offer your partner a massage. Lay them on a fine, flat surface and start using your hands. Their brain will respond to the signals you send in many ways. As we have noted already, they will relax but also indulge you.


But that’s not all. Be as sensual as possible and as satisfied with your movements as possible. Touch where he reacts with sighs, and you can certainly expect a quick and hard erection. What do you say to that? Do you approve? Men certainly do, as it improves their erections and makes them readier than ever!

Erection Gets Quicker and Harder

Of course, you expect your partner to have an erection. But in case he is uncomfortable with what happened so quickly because you obviously got him excited, make sure he doesn’t feel that way. Honor his hero down there with a gentle touch. The goal is to relax and turn him on at the same time.

Don’t just go the way from his back to his penis, but focus on the other erogenous zones as well. His body will feel completely relaxed, so touch his thighs and other sensitive parts. Breathe into his ear, kiss his neck while stroking his hair in circular motions. You know, a hard erection will not only come from touching his genitals. You can be as creative as you want.


It Mentally Excites You and Your Partner

Have you always dreamed of sex where you manage to delay orgasm so much that it ends up stronger and better than ever before? Don’t know how to do that? Does nothing seem to work?


You must know foreplay tricks. Luckily, massages and foreplay work like a fantastic duo in preventing you from going too fast. The excitement will not only find its way between your legs, but you will feel it throughout your body. 


Massage can prepare beginners for sex, too, both mentally and physically. And married couples or those in a long-term relationship will return the freshness from the beginning of the romance. Say no more, and try it!

Improves Connection Within the Process

Many spouses, but also long-term unmarried lovers, answered the question from the survey; “Do you know what excites your partner exactly, and do you play it safe?” Most of them play it safe.

Yes, we are all given crazy and fast-paced days, and we all want to curl up in bed at the end of each. But what is life without romance and risk? It is about time to get to know your partner. You should learn how to satisfy each other.


That is why a massage is one of the best arousal tricks. Fully aware, without any excessive sexual ecstasy, you can touch and excite the person who surrendered to you. Follow their body’s signals to find out what they enjoy most, what excites them. 

Massages Show How Deep Your Affection Is

We are sure your partner will appreciate you devoting your precious time and energy to them. It means that you care about them, that you want to please them, to see them relax, and in the end, to satisfy them. Massages involve effort and bodywork.


Clearly, you are doing this to please your loved one. You do not want quick sex but a long-term romance that you are ready to fight for and invest in —  you want to sail with your partner long distances. Be ready to fight through the storm and under the open sky. You want them by your side to take care of each other in all possible ways.

Sensual Massages Lead To Finest Orgasms

If you have hours to enjoy each other, go ahead. It’s all a game that doesn’t have to end too quickly. Still not time to sleep? You don’t have to go to work tomorrow morning? Perfect! Let yourself have some wild fun.


Yes, sensual massages will delay your orgasm and make it much better. Tickling the imagination during this kind of foreplay plays a key role. Move your hand over your partner’s genitals, then quickly bypass them. Let the excitement grow. Let your partner feel your dominance at its best.


Also, here’s another way to improve your sex life: sex toys. You’ve heard of prostate orgasms, for example. The P- spot is the most gentle arousal area in men. Some would agree on touching and licking there, and some would not.


If you have a boyfriend or husband who supports this form of pleasure, don’t hesitate to get one of the sex toys to satisfy his fabulous P-spot. Of course, lube is an indispensable part of the game. You can also use your finger, and you need a lot of self-confidence for this. Some of the toys you can use are a strap-on or a massager. There are many things to explore, so try them all until you find what works for both of you.