What are the traits of a pup play that you should know?

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Puppy play or pup play is quite a big thing in the gay BDSM circles, even though you might not have heard about it that frequently. Pup play in its simplest terms is role-playing as a dog. Yes, just like a dog, this includes barking and being on all fours. Sound weird and humiliating? Weird it certainly is. Humiliating? That is something that the role players don’t feel. Instead, they feel empowered and relaxed. How? Let’s go into detail, see all the traits and rules which make up pup play:

Does Pup play empower the role players?

It can be hard to understand the appeal of this kink. But role players have said that it helps them relax and forget all the cares in the world. It helps them forget about their responsibilities, let go of their defenses and just be free. In short, they seek psychological relaxation from any kind of role-playing we do in the real world daily. This, when accompanied by praising and cuddling by their masters, heightens the relaxation. Also, they get snacks. So this is the trifecta of perfection for most people.

Where do you start?

It completely depends on you. You are the conscious creator of your own safe mental space where you can be a good boy. But this is very vague for people who are just starting. So here’s how it is generally done:

  • Many people tend to watch puppy videos to see how puppies act. Puppies are mostly energetic, being trained in tricks and don’t behave when they are told to. Then they use this to form a baseline pip persona.
  • But the above is a general gist of puppies. If you want to engage in pup play, then you can also figure out which dog personality you want to go with. Some people think they are like golden retrievers, some are like poodles, etc. You can be any dog irrespective of your size, height, and other such features.
  • After you have decided on your persona, it’s time to try being like one. Wear knee pads so that you don’t scuff your knees and move like a pup. Bark around and try to seek attention from the people around you.
  • You can have a handler with you or not, that’s up to you as well. If you feel comfortable with your handler and trust him, then you can ask him to form your rules as well. As always, this depends entirely on you.

Find a playground

All dogs need a playground, you have to find yours. A playground means a local club that caters to your pup fetish. There you will be able to find other pups and play with them. Sometimes clubs host a pup mosh where you can meet with other pups and handlers. If you want to attend one, here are some things you should know:

  • If you have any queries or doubts about the event then ask the organizers instead of other pups.
  • The pup mosh is a place to be a pup and not a human having a conversation. This breaks the entire scene. But if you don’t feel well or have been injured then you will be able to convey that humanly.

Set up your rules

The first thing to know is that there are no rules. You make the rules. But this can be confusing for many people who are just entering into this field and knowing about pup play for the first time. To help you out, here are the most basic rules/traits of pup play:

  • Many puppies love playing games with their handlers, eat treats, prefer to sleep in steel cages, etc. The main thing to note here is your safety. That always comes first. If you don’t like being in a cage for hours, then don’t be, if you don’t like playing catch then don’t play. It’s all up to you.
  • You must be wondering about the relationship between your handler and yourself. Most probably you are wondering if it is sexual or not. That depends on you as well. Pup play is different from other common BDSM kinks because it doesn’t have to necessarily culminate in sex. Pup play is mostly about relaxing for the pups.
  • When it comes to clothes many don’t wear any simply because dogs wear none as well. So the only thing many uses are protective knee pads and a collar. Some wear normal clothes but put on a puppy mask. What you want to wear, is up to you.
  • All you need to get into the role of a dog in your mind. So no gears are needed as such. But many people use dog accessories like masks which have ears and snouts on them to resemble a dog better. Many also use leashes when they want to be walked.
  • Don’t break rules, you or others. Be engaging and friendly with other pups. Have a safe word during play and again- don’t cross any previously set boundaries.
  • Understand that even if the club you are going to is hosting a pup event, it doesn’t mean that everyone there will be interested in that. People go to clubs to chill out and you need to understand that. Don’t be rude, hump people’s legs or growl at people who aren’t into that. Remember that all rules of play have to set beforehand and the people participating in the play have to agree to those.
  • Don’t be in people’s faces and be annoying. Nobody likes those kinds of overenthusiastic pups too much.
  • To fully turn your pup play to life, make sure to use some fluggy dog tails from LP.

The best way to enjoy yourself at a pup event or pup mosh is by following the rules set by yourself, others and the club. These rules are kept in place to ensure everyone’s safety and protection. Overall, pup play isn’t anything new. But as days go by, it certainly is going to become more popular because of the no-sex rule and that fact that it centers fully on people being relaxed and enjoying themselves.